The newest trend in fishing reels is to have them custom painted to match the rod they are using or their favorite team colors or to just add some class and to their fishing equipment.

We have grabbed the bull by the horns and contacted industry leading paint manufacturers to evaluate our needs in paint and what would aid against the normal wear and tear of boat rash. We have came up with a solution to help protect our beautifully painted reels and try to give our customers a better than new appearance and the durability they require.

The color combinations are endless and the patterns that can be applied can turn your equipment into true works of art.

Contact us to discuss what we can do for you!

Bag 5 Baits

Now has top of the line diamond honed

TUNGSTEN Weights!!!!!

We are stocking the following:

Tungsten Worm Weights 1/16oz thru ¼ oz

Tungsten Flipping Weights 5/16 oz thru 2 oz

Barrel Weights from ¼ oz thru 1 oz

Drop Shot weights 1/8 oz thru ½ oz

Punch weights ¾ oz thru 1-½ oz

We are stocking basic colors at this time but welcome inquiries for specialty colors


We have researched for months to find a supplier that meets our stringent requirements and we received

No less than 20 different samples from as many suppliers and we found the supplier we have chosen

Is dedicated to meeting our quality requirements and expediting our orders without compromising.

For inquiries please contact

       Bob or Teresa Ehret                                                                                                 Mike Russell

            (618) 972-3786                                                                                                 (270) 994-0859