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High Definition and Custom Colors


Basic Threadfin


Ghost Aurora Black

Willow Bream

Randy’s BullGill

“Regal” Shad

TN Shad

Ghost TN Shad

Mimic Baby Bass

(Color Match)

Hickory Shad

Standard Splatterback

HD Baby Bass

MTN. Dewey

Bull Frog

M.D. Perch

Purple Perch

Green Tomato


Sexy Green Gizzard

“Regal” Shad

HD Bluegill

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Please note: These colors and color schemes are to give our customers an idea of what we are capable of and we are not bound by simply copying these colors. We can custom paint the color scheme you desire using the layout we provide.

When duplicating a manufacturers color there are many choices in which  to chose from because each manufacturer has their version of a color - example: Lucky Craft Table-rock shad is very different than Spro’s

So with choosing a custom painter you have the flexibility and the ability to put any manufacturers color on the bait of your choice!

Smallie Jr.

Green Lavender